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Global Distributors

Below are our international global distributors, organised by continent and country. If your country is not listed, then please forward any enquiries directly to ourselves by clicking here.

North & South America

Pressure Biosciences Inc.

Pressure Biosciences Inc Website


CellD - France

CellD Website

LA Biosystems - Netherlands & Belgium

LA Biosystems Website

I&L Biosystems GmbH - Germany, Switzerland & Austria

I&L Biosystems Website

Bioanalytic – Poland

Bioanalytic Website

Proquinorte – Spain & Portugal

Proquinorte Website

BioTech – Hungary, Slovakia & Czech Republic

BioTech Website


Korea I.T.S Co Ltd - Korea

Korea I.T.S Website

Labindia Instruments PVT LTD - India

Labindia Instruments PVT Website

Sunway Scientific Corporation - Taiwan

Sunway Scientific Corporation Website

Applitech - China

Applitech Website


A2S Technologies - Israel

A2S Technologies Website

Medilaser - Pakistan, UAE, SA & Kuwait

Medilaser Website