Cell Disruption Made Easy



Below are recent reviews by some of our users.

Dr Helen Waller, Newcastle University, England

"We have had our One shot disrupter since 1998 and it is still going strong, this just proves the level of quality machines provided by Constant Systems. We recently purchased a larger disrupter from them and are just as impressed with the quality and ease of use. The systems always work well and are easy to clean and maintain. On a recent service visit the Sales and Service department were very helpful and efficient in getting things done and were really accommodating to our needs. The engineer was very friendly and his attention to detail exceptional. Definitely the best service we have been provided with. We would highly recommended their instrumentation and service." 2016

University of Sheffield, England

"I am very happy with the service received from both the Constant Systems office and from the visiting Technician. You've responded quickly and efficiently to all of my enquires and have provided me with all of the information I need. I feel confident that if and when I need to get in touch, I will receive all of the support I need and in a timely, personable manner. Thank you very much for all of your help so far! The technician who visited was very professional and friendly, and did a thorough job servicing our machine. He explained everything he would do, and detailed what had been done again at the end so I fully understood the process. He gave honest and professional advice, taking into account the specific circumstances and requirements of our lab." 2017

University of Edinburgh, Scotland

"The Constant Systems Cell Disruptor is a very well designed and robust piece of instrumentation. We use ours multiple times daily, with a wide range of samples; yeast, bacteria, insect and mammalian cells, and even the odd plant tissue derived samples. The results are very reproducible, and it is an extremely reliable bit of equipment. In addition, the customer service and engineer support are first class." Dr. Martin Wear, CTCB Facilities Manager. 2014

Incepta Pharmaceuticals, Bangladesh

We are happy after using the Cell Disruption system from Constant Systems. We have got prompt response from them during any technical problem. We are the user of many equipment’s from world leader brands and the after sales service of Constant Systems is comparatively better among them. I wish they will keep it up and will provide more better quality equipment’s and services in upcoming days”. 2017

IRB Barcelona, Spain

"We have been using our 1.1kW model since 2008 to disrupt E.coli, mammalian, insect and yeast cells and we are very pleased with the results. Other users have reported very good results with algal cells and, in the OneShot mode, even whole (small) insects. The disruptor handles all of these samples with ease and delivers efficient and reproducible lysis that allows us all to prepare high quality proteins, including membrane proteins. It has been so successful in terms of consistency and reliability that researchers from almost every other lab in the institute come to use it. Technical support and servicing arrangements are excellent with rapid, direct responses, although we rarely need either." 2014

Queens University Belfast, Northern Ireland

‘We are highly satisfied with Constant Systems. The Cell Disruptor is an excellent instrument for lysing bacterial cells during fractionation/purification studies. Also, Constant Systems staff dealt with all enquires in a timely fashion providing excellent on-site service and support’ 2017

University of Cambridge, England

"We're extremely satisfied with our Constant Systems One Shot disrupter and use it routinely to lyse tough bacterial samples - including Lactococcus lactis and Bacillus spores.  The instrument is manufactured to high standard, and is reliable and easy to use.  Very impressed overall!" 2013

University of Oxford, England

"Constant Systems staff dealt with all enquires quickly and were always happy to help, their engineers provided excellent and timely on-site service and support." 2016

ICGEB, Italy

"Bench top cell disruptor TS5 1.1 KW has become an indispensable part of our protocols for the production of biopharmaceutical products. We are very satisfied with an excellent customer assistance." 2016

Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biology (CEMB) Lahore, Pakistan

"I am pleased to share the experience with Constant System (cell disruptor) and Medi Laser for their after sale service. I am glad to say that our Constant System TS Series 0.75kW and our TS series 2.2kW are excellent in performance and most important thing is whenever we have a problem Medilaser always respond on first call. I hope to continue our research with these very professional systems of cell lyses." 2016

University of Siena, Italy

"After the introduction of Costant Systems Cell Disrupton in our laboratory, protocols of bacterial lysis were greatly improved. " 2016

University of Bath, England

"The Constant Systems cell disruptor has been a robust and reliable piece of equipment that dramatically improved our cell lysis capabilities and protein recovery yields from bacterial production. Constant Systems also offers a great supporting service." 2012

Slovak University, Slovakia

"Bacteria or yeasts, small scale or larger volumes - Constant System disruptor can handle it. It is easy to operate, timesaving and so far we can only recommend it." 2014