FEMS 2023 – Hamburg, Germany – 9-13 July

We invite you to be part of the FEMS2023 Congress, where we can reconnect in person again.

Our Congress is one of the leading meetings of its kind that connects thousands of microbiologists from around the world. It features symposia and workshops led by prominent scientists in their respective fields. The goal of this international gathering is to provide a comprehensive forum for the exploration and discussion of various topics in microbiology. Our congresses usually attract ~2000 attendees and are made possible with great thanks to our sponsors and exhibitors.

We hope to see you there!



CCH – Congress Center Hamburg

Congressplatz 1

20355 Hamburg


Booth A2

Richard Mallabar


Sunday 9th July 2023 15:30 – 17:40
Monday 10th July 2023 09:00 – 20:00
Tuesday 11th July 2023 09:00 – 20:00
Wednesday 12th July 2023 09:00 – 18:00
Thursday 13th July 2023 09:00 – 13:00


Featured Products

One Shot Cell Disruptor

The OS Cell Disruptor is the smallest offering in the Constant Systems Cell Disruption range of products. At approximately 500mm² the OS sits very comfortable on the benchtop but is best suited when used on its tailor made trolley.

Mutli Shot Cell Disruptor

The MC Cell Disruptor is the most versatile model for small volume processing offered by Constant Systems Limited. At approximately 500mm² the MC sits very comfortable on the benchtop but is best suited when used on its tailor made trolley.

Continuous Flow Cell Disruptor

The CF Cell Disruptor offers Continuous Flow Processing with two models, the CF1 and CF2. Both models offer the same process and differ only by process speed, the CF1 offers up to 6L per hour and the CF2 offers up to 24L per hour processing rates. 

High Flow Rate Cell Disruptor

The HFR is the ideal production model and offers the same lysis efficiency as the standard CSL systems across the full range of processing pressures yet can provide a vastly superior flow rate.



Constant Systems Technology

What Happens?
Our unique process is based on precise and consistent control of high pressure ensures that our equipment produces efficient cell lysis across a range of expression systems and material types; including bacteria, yeast, algae, and plant/tissue.

There are several conditions (steps) that affect the cells within your sample as set out below:

Instantaneous high pressure – the sample is momentarily trapped in the high pressure cylinder and acting pressures instantly move from ambient to the set pressure.

Shear stresses – the sample rushes across the fixed orifice geometry and starts to enter the fixed orifice.

Acceleration – the sample is accelerated through the orifice up to speeds of 650 metres per second.

Depressurisation – once the sample has left the orifice acting pressures instantly return to ambient.

Impact – the sample now collides with the cooled heat exchange surface (which can be as low as -15 degree Celsius) in less than one second of the process beginning.


How do we control all these effects?
Put simply, we very accurately control the process pressure.

Several equipment suppliers offer high pressure processing but how accurate and consistent is the pressure that is applied to the sample?

The data chart shown, shows recent testing of a well-known high pressure homogenizer. We found that the homogenizer processed < 30% of the sample within 10% of the set pressure. In simple terms that means over two thirds of the sample is being processed outwith 10% of the target pressure.

The same testing indicated that our unique and proprietary hydraulic design and fixed orifice geometry meant that 99% of the sample was processed within 1% of the set pressure. This ensures that the exact same conditions are applied to the sample throughout the process. So whether it’s a 0.5mL single sample or 150L per hour continuous flow processing we give you the control and accuracy that guarantees repeatable, scalable highly efficient cell lysis.


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