Guangzhou Applitech Pharmaceutical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. Co.Ltd was established in 2009 and is the Chinese office of Applikon Biotechnology BV of the Netherlands.
Applikon is one of the world’s top brand manufacturers of bioreactors. It has extremely strong biotechnology application research and development capabilities.
Its products have always been world-famous for its high quality and high service standards, from the laboratory to Pilot-scale bioreactors have long been industry leaders.

Aibate is based on the optimization, amplification and industrialization of biotechnology. In order to have a more complete product line in the field of biomedicine, Aibate has also introduced the most advanced foreign technologies and products, such as the American Nova biochemical analyzer, the American InDevR ViroCyt TM2100 virus counter, Danish NucleoCounter cell viability analyzer and advanced cell analyzer, American Flownamincs online sampler, British Constant Systems high-pressure cell disrupter, this provides users with a full range of professional product solutions.