For the past five decades, to serve the domestic scientific and related industries; Sunway, Bioway and its affiliated enterprises have introduced various instruments and equipment from U.S.A., Japan and advanced European countries. The fields we serve cover laboratory, chemical analysis, environmental protection, clinical examination, biotechnology and semiconductors. Our customers include public and private colleges, universities, research institutes, hospitals and many hi-tech industries as well. We expect to contribute to the industrial development and medical service by introducing advanced equipment from all of the world. Recently, we established a biotech platform to manufacture blood glucose monitoring systems and other medical devices for homecare use.

“Integrity and reliability” is the essential conviction observed by all of us. We believe that innovation and a customer-oriented concept of management comprise the founding consciousness of an enterprise which is engaged in the field of scientific business. The goal we are striving toward is to promote professional expertise as well as to elevate service quality. We hope to elaborate harmonious teamwork spirit and coordinate our efforts to grow with scientific industries with a view to creating mutual benefits and a brighter future.