Founded in 1989, Constant Systems Limited is now well into our fourth decade of operations and we are still very much dedicated to the design, manufacturing and maintenance of our high pressure cell disruption equipment which has built a reputation on reliability, reproducibility, efficacy and consistency.

Client Services
Our service starts at the initial enquiry stage. All enquiries are detailed and documented and the client is taken through the enquiry process so that all relevant information is captured.

All Constant Systems equipment (and the client) are supported post sale either directly by our service team or through our distributor network. This means that our service and technical teams are ready to assist; whether it be a question on spare parts, technical assistance, a request for new user training or renewing a maintenance agreement.

Maintenance Agreements
Our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly engineers will carry out an extensive check and ensure the equipment is within calibration and running at optimum levels. During his or her visit the engineer will also take time to review the users log book and liaise with the client to discuss any requirements that the client may have and make recommendations regarding usage, training, cleaning and spare parts.

Our excellent service department pride themselves on the level of customer care and support. We deliver direct to all our clients in the UK, Europe and those a little further away in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Constant Systems