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“We have had the CF1 for over a year now, using it to lyse several types of cells for protein purification. Due to its ease of use, speed, and reproducibility, the CF1 has become our main lysis method. In addition, it has improved our capacity, allowing faster processing of multiple samples or processing of larger samples. The machine developed a few faults initially. However, these were dealt with very quickly and effectively and resulted in minimal downtime. It worked perfectly since. We are very happy with the machine and service from Constant Systems.”

Tomas Adomavicius – Senior Scientist at Sygnature Discovery

“We use the CF1 – SN: 1436 cell disrupter for the lysis of both Yeast and E. coli cells. we find the equipment easy to use and maintain. On the odd occasion where we have needed to replace consumable parts ourselves, the guidance and support provided from Constant Systems has always been exceptional. This is an essential piece of equipment in our lab, we maintain a regular maintenance contract with Constant Systems and are always impressed by the level of service provided. When we have new members join the lab the engineers also offer some training during their service visit, which is useful for both staff and students.”

 Kyle S. Gregory – University of Bath

“We are very happy with our new CF2 system. We routinely use this to process large volumes of insect and E. coli cells. The system is extremely easy to use and maintain and even faster than our previous system.

We hugely appreciate all the help and support we’ve received from the Constant Systems customer service and engineer teams. They have responded to queries extremely quickly with all required information and gone above and beyond to help when required. When service engineers have attended site, they’ve been brilliant to work with and we hugely appreciate the additional training to all available members of staff when they visit.

Thank you for all your ongoing excellent service!”

Sarah Caswell – Associate Principal Scientist at AstraZeneca

“We are very pleased with the service provided by your team. Your engineers are a pleasure to work with, taking time to explain everything and offering advice from their experience working with other clients. Aftermarket support is also excellent, always fast to respond to messages and ensuring paperwork is sent over to us. I have no comments for improvement – you are all very friendly and helpful, so many thanks to everyone for helping me keep the equipment running smoothly.”

Lauren Cater – Senior Technician at Research Complex at Harwell (RCaH)

“For the Protein Production team of the Biometrology group at the National Physical Laboratory, cell lysis is a crucial step in protein extraction before purification. We have a CF1 model with a 900 mL chilled reservoir, which was installed in October 2020. The equipment is straightforward to use, regardless of the sample we process (bacteria, yeast, archaea, insect, and mammalian cells). When cleaning the equipment, we follow the suggested cleaning protocol and find that it is adequate for our usage.”

Ines Camacho, PhD, MSc – Higher Research Scientist, Laboratory Manager at National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

“For the past 10 years, we have been using the CF1 Constant Systems Cell Disruptor in our Collinson Lab at the University of Bristol.

The cell disruptor is used widely across the School and Faculty, and it has become essential for many of the research groups. It is testament to the quality of the instrument and the service provision that we can deliver a heavy and uninterrupted cell lysis. Over the years the Cell Disruptor has provided consistent results, vital in our students work.

Regular servicing and training by the service team from Constant Systems has helped keep not only the Cell Disruptor running but ensured that our students are confident in using the equipment to its fullest potential.”

Ian Collinson – Prof of Biochemistry – University of Bristol

“Our CF1 was installed in Feb 2020, it is easy and quick to train people. Users can use it independently after one training session.

We process several different organisms for protein production- mostly E. coli, but algae and yeast used as well. All work well. We found cell disruption much more consistent between preps.

Cleaning is Easy, we haven’t had any users leave the instrument in a mess yet. We haven’t had any problems since our install, we haven’t had any servicing requirements since our install, but previous experience at other employment locations indicates that the company and staff are helpful, knowledgeable, and quick at responding.”

Dr Kate Michie – University of New South Wales

“We currently have the CF1 (~2 years) and CF2 (>5 years). I’ve always found the equipment easy to use. Can be a bit intimidating for new users, so training is key. Some of the graphical interface can be a bit tricky to navigate when troubleshooting – much better on the newer machine. The sample types that we process are Bacterial slurries Constant Systems Cell disruptors are Integral to our defined small-scale manufacturing process.

Cleaning is straightforward and easy. We try to ensure this is performed routinely, so it is built into our SOP for the equipment. Constant Systems customer service level is always very good and efficient. The Constant Systems engineers are 1st class.”

 Alistair Brown, Ph.D – Immunocore

“I was very impressed with the Constant Systems engineer’s explanation and demonstration on taking apart and servicing the instrument. I am a very hands-on person, and it was good to be reassured that we were using the instrument correctly.

More than happy to have your engineer back to service our instrument on Constant Systems next maintenance tour down under. We are very happy with our instrument and the service provided by Constant Systems.”

 William McKinstry – ZIP Diagnostics Pty Ltd

“Hypha has been using the TS Series 1.1kw Cell Disruptor system from Constant Systems for several years to great effect. The system is mainly applied to E. coli-based materials and occasionally other host types. The system is now integral to production of Hypha’s PolyCYPs products, as well as research towards new recombinant product lines. The engineering support provided by Constant Systems has been excellent and provided in an attentive and professional manner, showing their understanding of our needs and urgency in the rare event of system issues.”

 Jonathan Steele – Hypha Discovery Ltd

“Because of the efficiency and reliability demonstrated by the Constant Systems cell disruptor, it is our method of choice for bacterial cell lysis during routine, large-scale protein production.”

 Maryke Appel – Kapa Biosystems

 “We operate both our TS Series 2.2kw and 1.1 kw on a weekly basis. Constant Systems after sales support is excellent and it is always a pleasure to deal with your staff. Thank you for the great service.”

 Nel De Wet – Kapa Biosystems

“I have nothing but good feedback, the Constant Systems engineer was brilliant. He arrived on time (despite Melbourne’s terrible traffic!), thoroughly inspected and serviced the instrument, and completed the work within the timeframe he proposed. I also really appreciate the time he took at the end to take me through the report in detail”.

 Stephanie Neville – University of Melbourne

“I manage a structural biology lab in the Rosalind Franklin Institute RFI. We have purchased two cell disruptors CF1. We have been using those for over 2 years now with no issues at all. And I have been using them in other institutes, as well as the team I manage, for several years, that they were adamant we should only have Constant Systems cell disruptors in our new building.

I have one of the cell disruptors with a cooling jacket for a 900ml volume, and another one with a smaller cup of 200ml, with a processing pump attached to it.

They were quite easy to use, once a training has been conducted to the users (primarily by the company, who dedicated a whole day of training to the users, including consumables and maintenance training for those who are interested).

We use in our lab’s mammalian, bacterial and yeast cells. We mainly process bacterial and yeast cells on the cell disruptors. The instructions given by the company were very clear and straight forward, in a way that every service the engineer finds minimal/traces of debris inside the machine.

They Constant Systems has a very nice, friendly, efficient, and highly knowledgeable team about their products. Whenever an issue is raised, their response is immediate and very useful. Never leave a client disappointed. “

Sheera Abdulla – Laboratory manager of the structural biology department in RFI.

“We’ve have had our Cell Disruptor MC for several years now and have been very pleased with it. After we got the MC Cell Disrupter, we have experienced higher yield of protein compared to our former ways of lysing cells and enzymes, that are more active. We use the machine mainly for E.coli and find the machine easy to use and clean, and it is easy to reproduce results. All contact with customer service and the technical assistance from Constant Systems has been very helpful and competent.”

Signe Sjoerup – Structural Biology and NMR Laboratory, University of Copenhagen

“Constant Systems is highly efficient, less time consuming, easy maintenance and quite user friendly. We are using it in various expression systems including bacterial, insect, mammalian, and yeast cells.”

Dr Harish Cheruvara – Diamond Light Source Ltd

“The service and training was very good, the engineers were extremely friendly and the training was very thorough and explained well”

  Alexandra  Holme – University of Liverpool

“We are very happy with the CF-1 cell disruptor as it is easy to maintain and allows us to move forward with our work at a speed, we were unable to attain prior to purchasing the cell disruptor.”

 Lee Sherry – Leeds University

“We use the Constant Systems Cell Disrupter on an almost daily basis and found it to be by far the best, easiest to use and time efficient way to crack open bacterial cells”.

Uwe Stroeher – Flinders University

Our Range


One Shot Cell Disruptor

The OS Cell Disruptor is the smallest offering in the Constant Systems Cell Disruption range of products. At approximately 500mm² the OS sits very comfortable on the benchtop but is best suited when used on its tailor made trolley.


Multi Shot Cell Disruptor

Mutli Shot Cell Disruptor
The MC Cell Disruptor is the most versatile model for small volume processing offered by Constant Systems Limited. At approximately 500mm² the MC sits very comfortable on the benchtop but is best suited when used on its tailor made trolley.

Continuous Flow Cell Disruptor

The CF Cell Disruptor offers Continuous Flow Processing with two models, the CF1 and CF2. Both models offer the same process and differ only by process speed, the CF1 offers up to 6L per hour and the CF2 offers up to 24L per hour processing rates.

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