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Constant Systems

Constant Systems Limited was established in 1989.

We design, manufacture and maintain high pressure cell disruption equipment which has a deserved reputation for reliability, reproducibility, efficacy and consistency.

We hold ISO 9001:2015, UL 61010-1:2004 and CSA C22.2#61010-1-04:2004 accreditations and our dedication to supporting our clients is, we believe, second to none.

We consistently conduct research into our clients’ requirements and apply the results of that research into safe and efficient cell lysis processes.

We have grown and maintained a worldwide client base and see ourselves as a market leader for Cell Disruption equipment; with over 1,300 pieces of equipment sold around the world.

Our equipment is used in drug discovery, protein characterisation and functional studies of cellular processes. To date our products have directly contributed to research published in over 2,000 peer reviewed papers across a range of academic journals; including Nature and the Journal of Biological Chemistry.


Over 51 Countries


ISO 9001:2015

UL 61010-1:2004

CSA C22.2#61010-1-04:2004




Over 30 Years

How we do it

Our products use high pressure for cell lysis processes combined with our unique and proprietary hydraulic design and control system; which guarantees a consistent process throughout.

This unique design and control is utilised throughout our range of cell disruption products allowing the client’s process to be both upward and downwardly scalable.

This combination of high pressure and consistent control means that typically 99% of a sample will be processed at the target pressure; which ensures a maximum return; in most cases avoiding multiple passes.

Our product range offers a complete and scalable solution for highly efficient cell lysis from 0.5mL single sample processing through to 150L/hour continuous fluid processing.

Our products are used by world leading academic, research and industrial facilities around the world to process common expression systems such as E.coli and S.cerevisiae through to widely considered tough to break organisms P.pastoris, S.aureus and L.lactis.

Find out why our equipment is considered to be #1

Our unique process which is based on precise and consistent control of high pressure ensures that our equipment range produces efficient cell lysis across a range of expression systems and material types including bacteria, yeast, algae, and plant/tissue.

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