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Founded in 1989, Constant Systems Limited is now 30 years old and entering into our fourth decade of operations we are still very much dedicated to the design, manufacturing and maintenance of our high pressure cell disruption equipment which has built a reputation on reliability, reproducibility, efficacy and consistency.

Holding ISO 9001:2015, UL 61010-1:2004 and CSA C22.2#61010-1-04:2004 accreditations our dedication to supply and support our client base is second to none. With continued research into client requirements and implementing these into safe and efficient means of cell lysis processes we have progressively grown and maintained a worldwide client base and see ourselves as a front runner for Cell Disruption equipment with over 1,300 pieces of equipment sold around the globe in the areas of drug discovery, protein characterisation and functional studies of cellular processes and to date have directly contributed to research published in over 2,000 peer reviewed papers across a range of academic journals, including Nature and the Journal of Biological Chemistry

Several equipment suppliers use high pressure for cell lysis processes and our equipment benefits from the use of high pressure but also our unique hydraulic design and control system which guarantees a consistent process throughout. This unique design and control is utilised throughout our range of Cell Disruption equipment ensuring that your process is both upward and downwardly scalable. Due to this combination of high pressure and consistent control typically 99% of your sample will be processed at the target pressure which ensures a maximum return and in most cases a single pass or process is adequate therefore multiple passes are not required. Our product range offers a complete and scalable solution for highly efficient cell lysis from 0.5mL single sample processing through to 150L/hour continuous fluid processing and is utilised by academic, research and industrial facilities worldwide to process common expression systems such as E. coli and S. cerevisiae through to widely considered tough to break organisms P. pastoris, S. aureus and L. lactis.


What happens?

Our unique process which is based on precise and consistent control of high pressure ensures that our equipment range produces efficient cell lysis across a range of expression systems and material types including bacteria, yeast, algae, and plant/tissue.

There are several conditions (steps) that affect the cells within your sample, these are detailed below:

  1. Instantaneous high pressure - the sample is momentarily trapped in the high pressure cylinder and acting pressures instantly move from ambient to the set pressure.
  2. Shear stresses - the sample rushes across the fixed orifice geometry and starts to enter the fixed orifice.
  3. Acceleration - the sample is accelerated through the orifice up to speeds of 650 metres per second.
  4. Depressurisation – once the sample has left the orifice acting pressures instantly return to ambient.
  5. Impact - the sample now collides with the cooled heat exchange surface (which can be as low as -15 degree Celsius)in less than one second of the process beginning.

How do we control all these effects?

Simple, we very accurately control the process pressure.

Several equipment suppliers offer high pressure processing but how accurate and consistent is the pressure that is applied to the sample? The data chart below shows recent testing of a well-known high pressure homogenizer, we found that the homogenizer processed < 30% of the sample within 10% of the set pressure so in simple terms that’s over two thirds of your sample being processed outwith 10% of the target pressure. The same testing indicated that our unique hydraulic design and fixed orifice geometry meant that 99% of the sample was processed within 1% of the set pressure. This ensures that the exact same conditions are applied to the sample throughout the process, so whether it’s a 0.5mL single sample or 150L per hour continuous flow processing we give you the control and accuracy that guarantees repeatable, scalable highly efficient cell lysis.

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Client Services

We take pride in providing the highest level of service to the client and our support starts at the initial enquiry stage. All enquiries are detailed and documented where the client is taken through the enquiry process so that all relevant information is captured, ensuring that the best fit equipment is recommended via a personalised Cell Disruption Solutions Proposal. Following a successful sale all Constant Systems equipment, along with the client, are supported post sale either directly by our service team or through our distributor network meaning our service and technical teams are ready to assist whether it be a question on spare parts, technical assistance, request new user training or renewing a maintenance agreement.

Maintenance Agreements

We recommend maintenance agreements on all our equipment, our engineers will carry out an extensive check and ensure the equipment is within calibration and running at optimum levels. During the visit the engineer will also take time to review the users log book and liaise with the client to discuss any requirements from the client side and make recommendations regarding usage, training, cleaning and spare parts. Our excellent service department pride themselves on the level of customer care and support we deliver to all our direct clients in the UK, Europe and those a little further away in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand who over the 12 months running up to June 2019 rated our client support as a whole at 95/100.

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