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Since its founding in 1987, Korea ITS Co., Ltd. has been consistently at the side of its customers, introducing X-ray analysis equipment and equipment with the best technology in related fields to Korea.
In addition, we think and work together with our customers and contribute to their research and industrial technology development.

Based on the value of “Customer’s development is our development,” Korea ITS Co., Ltd., which provides the best technical support, maintains stable equipment performance, and is based on trust, has always taken pride in accompanying the growth of its customers.

Our company operates the Seoul headquarters, Daejeon service office, and Yeongnam office as regional bases, and we have excellent professional personnel stationed there to respond immediately to customer requests, and we plan to expand this.

Starting with the first laboratory in 2012, a separate training center was established, and in 2017, we moved to a new headquarters in Jagok-dong and integrated the demo lab, laboratory, and training center to provide efficient support for our customers.

In the future, all executives and employees will do their best with future-oriented thinking and a sincere attitude to fulfill their responsibilities by supplying excellent products and supporting next-level analysis technology.
In addition, knowing the weight of trust given by customers, we will move forward as a responsible company and become a young company that thinks first about the next 30 years.